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"Where the customer is always wrong"

Oh my… how do we keep up with demand! Lucky Raven Tobacco now offers a wide variety of brands of electronic vaporization products. We have disposables, Kits, E-Liquid, Cartridge and Tank style electronic cigarettes, and mods!

Reasons to buy your electronic from Lucky Raven Tobacco:

1. Our staff’s knowledge. We know our products. This is the place to come in and learn all about the new electronic vaporization products in the market.

2. We stand by our products. In most stores if you purchase an electronic product that does not function, you will be told to “go to the manufacture’s website”. At Lucky raven Tobacco, we believe that any new electronic product should be sold in working order. Therefore, we will exchange any non-functioning electronic battery for up to 5 days after purchase. After 5 days, the manufacturer warranty will apply.

3. Lucky Raven Tobacco has the best prices on Electronics. If you have bought someplace else, you probably paid too much.

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Parts, pieces, and upgrades for all your E-Cigarettes and Vaporizers!

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Patricia Patterson’s Personal Blog about Electronics:  “The subject of Safety or Safer seems to be the daily conversation concerning electronic vaporization nicotine products. No “official” studies have been completed at this time. This is my take on the subject… Burning tobacco leaves is just like burning any leaves, it releases smoke and toxins. Electronic vaporization nicotine products contain no tobacco leaf, so we assume it is safer. Yet, until the studies are complete, no one knows.”