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Walk inside our Spanish cedar humidor and check out the variety of premium cigars available to you! We shop from cigar producers around the world so you can find your favorite cigar in our tiny hamlet of Soldotna.

You will also find every cigar accessory you need! Personal humidors, Xikar accessories, cigar cutters, humidification packs, and all other cigar accessories you could ever want!

Cigar Humidor

ON SALE! Oliveros Gran Retorno

Banjo $7.95 - Fiddle $8.99 - Swing $8.59

Alec Bradley Kintsugi

Tobusto $9.75 each

Ambrosia Tikis

ON SALE! $13.95 10ct box

Acid 20

ON SALE Robusto $10.79 each

Acid Wafe

ON SALE for a limited time! $6.49 each

Arturo Fente Exquisitos

Maduro $4.45 each

Atruro Fente Double Chateau Fuente

$11.89 each

C.A.O Brazilia

Gol $6.99

Case Study Blend No.5

ON SALE Robusto Gordo $5 each

C.A.O Bones

Blind Hughie $9.50 and Chicken Foot $8.99

Arturo Fente Queen Bee

$11.99 each

AJ Fernandez Viva La Vida

ON SALE! Gran Toro and Torpedo $15.25


Mace $6.99 and MorningStar $7.20

Chillin' Moose Too by Foundry

Robusto $5.30 and Gigante $5.95 each

Drew Estate Natural

Dirt $9.45 - Big Juicy $6.99 - Juicy Lucy $4.65 - Torpedo $9.95

Havana Honey Del Sol

Corona $9.29 each

Hoyo de Monterrey

El Torcedor $15.75 each

Macanudo-Cafe Series

Crystal $11.99 each - Hyde Park $11.79 each - Portofino $11.99 each

Montecristo Platinum

Belicoso $14.95 and Toro $13.45

Montecristo Nicaraguan

Toro $14.95 and Robusto $12.95

Montecristo Vintage 2006

Robusto and Toro $13.50

Macanudo Inspirado White

Robusto $8.49 - Toro and Gigante $8.99 each


London Club Maduro $5.39 each - Royal Cafe Crystal $9.59 each

Tatiana $5.95

Nightcap (Almonds, cocoa, coffee) - Sweet Euphoria (Cocoa, Fruit, Honey) - Waking Dream (Vanilla cream, hazlenut, whiskey, and chocolate) - Fusion Frenzy (Vanilla, cogniac, cherry) Groovy Blue (Honey Vanilla Liquior) - Rum - Chocolate - Cherry - Cogniac

Acid Krush 10ct Tins

Conneticut $29.50 tin/$2.95 ea - Candella $23.50 tin/$2.39ea - Maduro (ON SALE) $21 tin/$2.95 ea

Montecristo Classic Minis

20ct tin $14.95

Cuban Reject Cigarillo

Maduro and Natural 50ct box $34.95 / $0.84 each

JC Newman Factory Throwouts

Sweet and Natural 20ct box $45.00 / $2.25 each

J.C. Newman Trader Jacks

20ct bag $47.75 / $2.49 each

Karl Malone Robusto

ON SALE! $10.50 each

Alec Bradley Family Blend - The Lineage

$10.50 each

La Preferido Robusto Maduro

ON SALE! $10.95 each

Gispert Honduran

ON SALE! Toro $6.99

Isla Del Sol

ON SALE! 10ct tin $16.59

Kentucky Fire Cured Cigars

ON SALE! 10ct tin $16.75

Aging Room Quattro Maduro

Maestro $12.39

Aging Room Bin #2

B-Minor $15.89 and C-Major $16.25

Acid Blondie

Original and Candella $7.95 each

Aging Room

Epressivo $9.95 and Vibrato $12.35

Arturo Fente Hemingway

Short Story $9.99 each

AJ Fernandez Dias De Gloria

ON SALE Short Churchill $9.69 and Toro $12.89

AJ Fernandez Last Call Corticas

$6.49 each

Deadwood Cigars

Crazy Alice $9.95 each

Camacho Corojo

Robusto $11.25 and Box Press Toro $11.65 each


Crystal $23.75 each


Toro Tubo $24.75

Deadwood Cigars

Leather Rose $9.35 each

Joya De Nicaragua Antano

"Shut the Box" Robusto $9.55

Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne

Epicuro $11.99 and Magnum Tubo $11.99

Oliva "Nub" Conneticut

4x60 $10.55 - 3x54 $9.20

Oliva "Nub" Cameroon

4x60 $9.25 each

M by Macanudo

Toro $8.85 each

Macanudo Vintage '97

Perfecto $14.50

Patrigas Black Label

Crystal, Maximo, Magnifico $13.95 each - Classico $12.95 each

Punch Signature Box Pressed

Habano Torpedo $12.95 - Connecticut Churchill $12.95

Its a Boy/Girl Cigars by Arturo Fuente

$4.95 each

C.A.O 10ct Tins

Moontrance, Bella Vanilla, Gold Honey $23.95 tin / $2.50 each

Don Diego Prelude

6ct tin $16.35

Drew Estate "Larutan" Dirties

$19.95 10ct tin / $2.25 each

Montecristo Classic Memories

6ct tin $16.79

Romeo y Julieta Reserve Minis

20ct tin $14.95

La Preferido Robusto Conneticut

ON SALE! $10.95

Alec Bradley Coyal Gordo

$12.25 each

C.A.O Cherrybomb Cigarillo 10ct Tin

ON SALE! $18.95

New World Oscuro by A.J. Fernandez

Belicoso and Toro $9.95 - Robusto $9.65

Acid C-Notes

5ct $11.59

Arturo Fuente Chateau

Natural & Sungrown $10.25 each

Arturo Fuente Especiales

Emperador $7.89 each

Chillin' Moose by Foundry

Robusto $5.30 and Gordo $5.95

Ghurka Ghost

Shadow $8.96

AJ Fernandez San Lotano

Maduro Toro $9.45 and Gran Toro $10.75 - Habano Churchill $10.45

AJ Fernandez Bellas Artes

ON SALE Maduro Figurado $13.89 and Toro $10.89

AJ Fernandez Ramon Allones

ON SALE! Toro $15.25 and Torpedo $16.59

H. Upmann Nicaraguan

Toro $10.25 and Churchill $10.95 each

Henry Clay War Hawk

Robusto $8.75 and Toro $8.99 each

Kristoff Maduro Robusto

$12.50 each

Julius Ceasar Diamond Crown

Toro $19.45 each

La Aroma de Cuba

Immensa $10.85 and Robusto $9.65

Perdomo Habano

Sungrown Robusto $11.99 and Bourbon-Barrell Aged Maduro Robusto $11.99

Macanudo Inspirado Orange

Robusto Tubo & Gigante $9.25 and Churchill $8.99

Montecristo Classic Series

Toro $14.95 each

My Father Cigars Le Bijou 1922

Torpedo $17.45 each - Grand Robusto $16.10

Rum Runners

Wench $3.35 each

Its a Boy/Girl Cigars by Romeo y Julieta

$9.25 each or $89 box

Cohiba Pequenos 6ct Tins

Red Dot $25.95 tin - Blue $24.95 tin - Black $27.45 tin

Havana Honeys 10ct tins / Each

Honey, Vanilla, and Rum $24.95 10ct tin / $2.50 each

Macanudo Cafe Ascots

Natural 10ct Tin $27.45

Macanudo Cafe Ascots

10ct Tin $27.45


Maduro and Connecticut Shade 10ct tin $23.50 / $2.39 each AND Sungrown 10ct tin $19.95 / $2.25 each

Drew Estate Factory Smokes

Toro Sweet $3.29 - Sungrown $2.89 - Shade $2.89

Tabak Especial Coffee Infused

Dulce Light Roast 10ct tin $21.50

Cuban Rejects

Robusto 10ct $24.00 / $2.79 each AND Toro 10ct $27.00 / $3.15 each AND Churchill 10ct $29.00 / $3.35 each

Odyssey Sweet Tip

Corona 20ct $50.00 / $2.50 each AND Toro 20ct $55.00 / $2.75 each AND Churchill 20ct $64.00 / $3.20 each

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Rights of America”: RTDACigar Rights

This website is for store information only. All tobacco sales are in person at the store. Do you live out of town? Call or email us for purchasing options.

  • WARNING: Cigar smoking can cause cancers of the mouth and throat, even if you do not inhale.
  • WARNING: Cigar smoking can cause lung cancer and heart disease.
  • WARNING: Cigars are not a safe alternative to cigarettes.
  • WARNING: Tobacco smoke increases the risk of lung cancer and heart disease, even in nonsmokers.
  • WARNING: Cigar use while pregnant can harm you and your baby.
  • WARNING: Quitting smoking now greatly reduces serious risks to your health.
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