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Welcome to the world of Vaporizers!

Whether its nicotine e-cigs, vaporizers, or just a battery.. we’ve got something for you!

Get that bang for your buck

Disposable E-Cigs

Over Ezee: $18.95 ~ Big Ezee: $16.95 ~ Ezee Stick: $10.39

Over EZee 1800 puffs: Peach Blue Ice, Strawberry Banana, Fruit Blast, Cool Mint, Cotton Clouds, Blue Raz Ice

Big Ezee 1200 puffs: Lemon Lime, Peach Blue Raz Ice, Cola Pop

Ezee Stick 400 puffs: Apple Ice, Peach Blue Raz, Fruit Blast, Blue Raz Ice, Pineapple Ice, Lush Ice, Banana Ice, Pink Lemonade, Peach Ice.


Flavors: Strawberry Ice, Banana Ice, Energy, Lush Ice, Mix Berry


Hyppe Bar

Flavors: Lychee Ice, Orange Soda, lemon Ice, Cola Ice, Pineapple Soda


Max Flow

Flavors: Strawberry Apple, Watermelon Ice, Banana Ice, Mighty Mint, Strawberry Banana, Chewy Watermelon, Lush Ice


Flavors: Strawberry Sour Apple, Arctic Mint, Strawberry Mango Nectarine, Strawberry Cotton Candy, Purple Watermelon, Frozen Lush, Blue Razz Blizzard, Blue Razz Peach

$10.99 each

Flavors: Tobacco, Menthol, Lush Ice, Blue Breeze, Pineapple Haze, Mango Ice, Kiss on the Lips, Hawaiian Tropical


Flavors: Lush Ice, Strawberry Banana, Cool Mint, Tropical Punch, Banana Ice, Rainbow Mix

$10.99 each

Flavors: Tobacco, Kiwi, Blueberry Raspberry, Mango, Melon, Grape, Strawberry

$15.75 and $17.75

1000 puffs: Tangerine Ice, Banana Ice, Fuji Apple, Peach Ice, Mango Snow Cone, Blue Raz Ice
1600 puffs: Blue Raz Ice, Mango Snow Cone, Fuji Apple Ice, Banana Ice, Peach Ice


Kit $35.99 ~ Refills 2pack: $8.69 ~ Refills 4pack: $16.99

Juul Flavors: Virginia Tobacco and Menthol

Kit $10.99 ~ Refills 2pack $9.99


MyBlu Flavors: Gold Leaf, Menthol, Tobacco, Tobacco Chill


$18.98 each

G-Go Neon
650 mAh *808 thread*

$24.95 each

The C-Cell Palm Battery

$10 each

High Bush Buds Migo
380 mAh


Lookah Snail Battery
350 mAh


C-Cell Dart Battery
480 mAh

$24.95 each

Ganesh Vapes Gmag
380 mAh


MigVapor Ziggy Battery
500 mAh


2-in-1 Lookah Seahorse
Electronic Nector Collector AND Cartridge Battery
650 mAh


MigVapor Herb-E Battery
Variable Voltage 3.4V-4V

Vaporizer Kits


Ganesh Silver Lamp Kit


APX Wax Kit


VaporBrothers Tabletop Herb Vaporizer

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